1. Acceptance and modification of the Terms of Service


1.1 This Agreement is an agreement entered into between the Member of Countdown Day of Color Projection (hereinafter referred to as the "Member") and Changsha Youji Interactive Entertainment Network Information Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Countdown Day") regarding the member's use of automatic renewal commission deduction service provided by Countdown Day of Color Projection (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"). This Agreement describes the rights and obligations of CINCo on the use of the Service and related aspects between CINCo and the Member. "Member" means a natural person who has completed all the procedures for becoming a member of Countdown Day and uses the membership services provided by Countdown Day in accordance with relevant rules of use of Countdown Day. This agreement constitutes a member to use the color reflected the prerequisites of this service provided by the last day, color reflected last day have to bold or other reasonable means hint member focus on reading related to waive or limitation of liability clause in the agreement, both parties confirm the foregoing clause does not belong to the "contract law" stipulated in article 40 of the "removed from the responsibility, increases the responsibility, eliminate the other main right" clause, Users and the countdown day recognize its legality and validity. Unless the Member accepts the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Member has no right to use the Service, and the member's choice of using the Service shall be deemed to agree to accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


1.2 Countdown day shall have the right to modify the Terms of Service at any time. Once the Terms of Service are changed or modified, Countdown Day shall make an announcement on the relevant page, and the modification shall take effect and be implemented 10 days after the announcement date; If the member does not agree to any modification of this Agreement, the automatic renewal function can be cancelled; If the Member continues to use it, it shall be deemed that the Member has accepted all amendments to this Agreement.


1.3 When using the Service, the Member shall have corresponding rights and behaviors and be able to independently bear legal liabilities. If the member is under the age of 18, he/she can only use the Service under the supervision of his/her parents or other guardians, and his/her use of the Service shall be deemed to have been approved by his/her parents or other guardians.


2. Service description


2.1 The service is launched out of the member's demand for automatic renewal. On the premise that the member has opened the service, the service is launched to avoid the loss caused by the member's failure to renew the service in time due to negligence or other reasons. The last day of the member's authorization can expire when the member's term of validity is about to expire. Entrusted payment channels, with members from the member's own prepaid phone account account binding of third-party payment account, bank CARDS, communication account (hereinafter generally referred to as the "account") balance of withholding the next billing cycle costs, including the billing cycle, but not limited to, monthly, quarterly, annual, etc. (the same below), the member according to the color reflected last day shown on the platform's billing cycle to choose. The service shall be realized on the premise that the member has bound his/her color-screening last Days membership account with the above account and can successfully deduct money from the above account.


2.2 Automatic Renewal Specifically refers to the method of deducting the fees of the next billing period from the above account on the last day of COLOR Projection based on the premise of 2.1. The Member shall guarantee that the payment can be successfully deducted from the above account on the last day of Color Projection. The member shall bear the responsibility for the failure of renewal caused by insufficient deductible balance in the above account. CTL reserves the right to interrupt/terminate the rights and interests and services of the member.


2.3 members chose opening automatic renewal, is seen as agreed to authorize the color reflected last day to account deductions instructions, and agrees that the accounts are according to the color reflected deductions instructions from the last day, without verification member account password, payment under the condition of the information such as passwords, SMS check code from the account deduct the cost of the next billing cycle. Unless the member expressly cancels the automatic renewal on his own initiative, the member's request for automatic deduction on the countdown day is irrevocable. Except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations, the fees paid by members on the countdown day shall not be refunded in any way.


3. Rights and obligations of both parties


3.1 On the last day of color Screening, the company shall provide members with the information about the details of automatic renewal fees, but shall not print relevant invoices and/or forward them to members.


3.2 If the monthly fee of the next billing cycle is deducted from the above account of the member on the last day, the payment shall be deducted on the same day, and the payment shall be recorded in the payment record of the member, and the validity period of the member shall be extended accordingly. Once the payment is successfully deducted, CTL has the right to collect the fee immediately on the last day and does not provide refund service.


3.3 If there is any mistake in the process of deduction, THE countdown Day and the Member shall cooperate closely to find out the reason and bear the loss caused by their own fault; If the loss is caused by the unequal fault of both parties, both parties shall bear the corresponding liability according to the degree of fault; If the loss is caused by the joint fault of both parties but it is impossible to distinguish their respective faults, the liability shall be shared equally by both parties.


3.4 color reflected from bottom, according to its business or technology upgrading, and so on and so forth change or modify this agreement about service content, rules and conditions, will be on in the color reflected color reflected last day countdown, relevant pages or other appropriate location way to inform users of the relevant changes or modify the content, but no obligation to do individual notification shall be separately. The above notice shall be deemed to have been delivered to the user from the penultimate day of delivery. If multiple notification methods coexist, the delivery time shall be the earliest one among the above methods. If the Member does not agree to the modification of this Agreement, he/she may cancel the service he/she has obtained and stop using it. If the Member continues to use the services provided by Color Projection on the last day, the Member shall be deemed to have accepted all amendments to this Agreement.


3.5 The Service is at the discretion of the Member. If the Member chooses not to cancel the service, it shall be deemed that the Member agrees that CTL has the right to continue to try to deduct money irregularly in accordance with certain rules. Once the payment is successfully deducted, CTL will open the membership service for the member in the next billing period.


3.6 In case of any adjustment of the countdown Service price before automatic renewal, the current effective price posted on the Countdown Platform shall prevail.


3.7 Countdown Day No additional fees will be charged by CCOLOR For members to open the Service, but CCOLOR Countdown day has the right to decide whether to charge for the Service itself or adjust the automatic renewal period and fees based on business needs or market changes and other reasons, and shall make public announcements to Members on relevant pages.


3.8 Membership renewal within the term of membership will be extended on the basis of the original service term.


3.9 The Member understands and agrees that the withholding permission granted by the Member on the last day of color Screening shall be regarded as the member's own recharge behavior. In case of any loss caused by the member, the Member will not claim any rights or hold any responsibilities against the Countdown Day and its affiliates.


4. Term and termination of this Agreement

4.1 This Agreement shall come into force after the Member chooses to accept or use the Service and shall terminate when the Member terminates the Service or cancels the membership.


4.2 The Member has the right to cancel the subscription and terminate the Service at any time in the membership management. After the termination of the service, Color Ying will stop providing the Service to the Member on the last day.


4.3 The instruction of automatic renewal and deduction of the counting down Date entrusted by the Member before the termination of the Service is still valid. The fees deducted by counting down Date based on this instruction will not be refunded and the Member shall bear the relevant responsibility